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The most awesome/worst/rawest/stupid/brutal/dumbest and best shit you've ever heard! Combine disgusting fucking shitspraying goregrind with heavy guttural death influences! Throw in some vomits, farts, meaningless intros from various movies and the fattest lyrics in the world and you have DPOS!!!

Devourment Ain't Brutal Enough
is our first demo that has the same 5 riffs throughout the whole record, awesome songtitles, some farts here and there and an intro of the guitarist puking in a bucket for an unnecessary long time. 24 songs that mentally rapes you and makes you want to shit your pants under the duration of 8 minutes and 23 seconds! The record is at the hands of the general public for the reasonable price of 20 SEK (that's like 2 dollars.)

30 Beautiful Pieces By Ludwig Van Beethoven
is our first full-lenght that hits 20 minutes and 17 seconds. The record includes superhits such as Pussy Filled With Ketchup, Whiskey Bottle Penetration, Gut You Like A Turkey, F.I.T.T.A. (Fucked Insanely Through The Anus and many many more!!! The shit costs 40 SEK (that's like 4 dollars.), but if you feel like your in need of the more awesome version that is limited to 10 copies, you'll have to pay 70 SEK (7 dollars) instead because we're greedy and straight up just want more money! The awesome version has an awesome slipcase of a moulded pussy on the frontcover and some lines on the back + nothing else! Contact GOREGEOUS PRODUCTIONS for the slipcase version! Don't hesitate to get in touch for your own exclusive copy of this goregrind gangbanging grandmahumping piece!

Straight Outta Handicap Shithouse
is our second full-lenght and third asphyxiation. The shit is recorded in a real studio (Studio Carma by Andreas Lundberg) with a real drummer (Gustav Grenstam, with the exception of the really inhuman stuff). This monstrosity contains 20 tracks of pure retardation under heavy influence of death metal with deep throat growls, sick vomitous gargles, downtuned guitars and a new addition to the musick.... drum roll.... a bass!!! Also, just beause we're so cute, we've thrown in 5 bonus live tracks just for the fuck of it! There are some guest assholes on the record aswell; Gustav Grenstam of black metal cunts Life Illusion plays the drums, Pate Lundberg of Fleshcut violates "Rapist Of The Year", Kopro of Carnalist defecates appropriately on "Coprophagic Desires", Andreas Lundberg of Shadow Cult handles the bass on the epic "Devourment Still Ain't Brutal Enough" and Martin Schönherr of Deranged, Splattered Mermaids, RazorRape etc etc etc vomits on "It's Molesting Time!" and slaps the skins of the drums on the live tracks! The cover shows our two heroes all covered and feasting on excrement in the mightly temple that is The Handicap Shithouse! So grab your wallet, slap a whore, pull your dicks to ejaculation point and shit your pants and get your hands on this gore infected grindness for the fair cost of 50 SEK, which is kinda like 5 or 6 dollars! If you feel like your financial situation is under control, well then throw in another 10 bucks and get the special version which contains: the same crap as the regular version but with a fancy T-Shirt and a low-quality patch for your favourite jacket!

When the demise of summer 2010 occured, the boys announced two more releases in the form of an EP entitled "Jesus Tittyfucking Christ" and it's cover can be seen in the picture section, this EP will be followed by what might be the most brutal and viscious recording ever entitled with the classic phrase: "IN GORE, WE GRIND!!!" which will contain (except for it's 30 ordinary masterpieces) 5 remakes from the gore-classic "30 Beautiful Pieces By Ludwig Van Beethoven" - because, as with "Straight..." this one will also be recorded in a real studio, along with the EP. More info on this when the release is near upon us all!

Source: http://www.myspace.com/forevervomitonyourshit