Born Of Sin - Biography

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Born of Sin was formed in 2001 in the city of Trollhättan, north of Gothenburg, Sweden. The music is traditional Swedish Death metal with some Black influences. In 2003 they recorded their first demo called "The Beheader", but because of trouble with the line-up, the demo was never really released to the public. After some changes in the line-up, Born of Sin recorded their second demo called "Hell will walk the earth"(2004), and they started to do some gigs.

Born of Sin hit the streets
In 2004 their first gig was performed in Uddevalla, in the west coast of Sweden, together with Lord Belial. The same year 3 more gigs followed With Transport League, Bestial Mockery, Pathos, Lord Belial, Sabotage, Notre Dame, among others. In 2005 BOS had the honour to share stage with such bands as Dismember, One man army, Impious and of course Lord Belial yet again.

A lot of work followed and in spring of 2006 BOS joined a tour with Lord Belial and Dark Fortress, visiting Germany, The Netherlands, Switzerland, and Austria.

Signing with Unexploded Records
After the tour they got a record deal offer from a Swedish label called Unexploded Records. The band accepted the deal and signed the contract. In the summer of 2006 BOS recorded their first official release as a signed band, a five track MCD called "Let it begin". With some of the old songs together with a couple of new ones, the release is but a taste of the carnage to come.

In early 2007 Born of Sin recorded their first full length album and named it "Imperfect breed of humanity". Due to personal reasons Alex had to leave BOS in mid 2007 and they had to find someone to take his place. Robert, who had been playing the rythm guitar, took on his true call as a crushing bassplayer and the choice of a new guitarist was actually very natural: Hjalmar, Henning's brother and former member of Lord Belial, remaining member of You Better Run, The Septic Tanks and the deep sleeping death/thrash-metal underground band Enthralled. With his guitar- and songwriting skill's Hjalmar has already put his distinct mark on BOS and together the new line-up thrive more than ever! Armed with a new, powerful line-up and with the upcoming release of their first full-lenght album, BOS is back for total devastation!