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DAMNATION DEFACED do their own thing, regardless of any trend! Progressive Death Metal, right in the face of the listener with a lot of aggression, atmosphere and far out song structures, never lacking melody and always appealing. Drum-fusillades, killer-blasts and fast guitar riffs are to be found along with clean parts and solos taking you to whole new spheres. Heavy and diverse growls lead to another level of fierce but never boring or monotonous sound. The five guys from northern Germany are open to any input and refuse a kind of blinker-attitude when it comes to their influences in music.

After the band is founded they record the demo "Blade Upon Your Throat" which leads to some first talk about them in digital and printed media. For the EP "Resurrection Stillborn - the Blackest Halo", their first official self-made publication, DAMNATION DEFACED gets attested professionalism, skill with the instruments and songwriting, as well as an independent sound that hasn't ceased to progress further.

And the guys certainly don't stop on stage, taking their complex Death with great stage-acting and sympathy there. This energy is convincing bookers more and more, giving DAMNATION DEFACED the opportunity to play the Metal Camp 2008, the Wacken Metal Battle 2008 and support top-notch acts such as Vader. First short tours are the logical consequence so in 2009 the band is on the road with the Excrementory Grindfuckers and plays abroad again on their own short tour through the Netherlands.

In October 2009 DAMNATION DEFACED are featured on the German TV-show "Der Checker" on DMAX and along the lines of the show's concept get their own stylish band-van.

Anyone who knows the guys also knows that apart from professionalism and the hard work they put into their music they always have great fun doing what they do. Their exceptional and hilarious humor has become a trademark of the band and is ever present in their video-podcasts and next to the stage.

The press agrees that despite of the band's short history they are going large and the band can't wait to rifle across Germany and Europe with their debut full-length album in 2010.

Source: http://defaced-music.com/