Synarchy - Biography


It is the sound of brutality perfectly mixed with melancholy and passion. They deliver a performance that keeps you banging your head, thrusting your fists in the air, and shouting whole-heartedly: Synarchy.

Arising from the windy Faroe Islands, these six guys have developed the skills, and have always had the passion for ball-crushing, face-melting heavy metal. Between the ages of 16 and 18, the friends found each other merging as one furious technical metal machine, with the heaviest, fastest and most technical sound the country had heard. They soon found out that they could tear off the roof of any venue.

Now, seven years later, Synarchy have developed their songwriting skills tenfold, as well as their ever-impressing live shows to the max. Having years of experience from venues back home and journeying outwards to the rest of Europe with Musica Diablo (Derrick Green), Synarchy are getting ready to take on the world with an upcoming second album in the winter of 2011.