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Dragonfly - Biography

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Dragonfly began their career in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 2000 through the joint forces of Marcelo Arena (vocals), Ariel Mittica (guitar), The Viking (El Vikingo, drums), Lorena Britos (keyboards) and Piriz (bass). With this original formation, the band played a number of performances in Argentina up until May 2001, when The Viking and Ariel Mittica decided to continue their musical careers in Spain and re-establish the band with innate members from that country. Once settled in the beautiful city of Valencia, they acquainted themselves with the current bassist of Dragonfly, Juan Bautista (Juanba) Nadal, who happily agreed to join the group, primarily as a singer. This opening also presented Isauro Aljaro, Juanba's companion from his previous band Outer Heaven, with the unique opportunity to play the keyboard in Dragonfly.

The band, however, was without a bass player. After several faltering auditions to find a bassist good enough to convince the group of a deserved place in Dragonfly, Juanba decided to speak to Pablo Solano, yet another companion of his from Outer Heaven, and convinced him to take the microphone while he picked up the bass guitar, thus forming the set up profile as:

Pablo Solano: Vocals
Ariel Mittica: Guitar
JuanBa Nadal: Bass
Isauro Aljaro: Keyboards
Chris "The Viking" Scorna: Drums
After several months of drudgery and toiling over compositions, the group decided it was time to face the studio to record their first demo, consisting of four tracks. The recording itself was carried out by Fernando Asensi, the sound technician and drummer of Opera Magna. The themes chosen by the band for this opening realization were Eternal Delirium (Delirio Eterno), It is up to You (Solo Depende de Ti), Return to Me (Regesa a Mi) and Without End (Sin Salida). Their developing style was embossed with metal, but also carried flavours of neoclassical power seasoned with hard rock, extracting influences ranging from Rainbow, Yngwie Malmsteen, and Deep Purple to current bands like Stratovarius and Edguy. However, their style remained true to its roots in classical and instrumental songs, as a tribute to grand musicians such as Paganini.

This fidelity in style has remained solid even until this day. In 2004, between the period of April and November, Dragonfly recorded their first album entitled "Domine", once again with the help of Fernando Asensi. In order to tailor the complete quality-finish they deserved, Dragonfly travelled to Argentina to mix and master the album, which was carried out by Martin Toledo, the technician of White Rat (Rata Blanca). The work was assisted by artists of international stature, such as Adrian Barilari (Rata Blanca), Leo Jimenez (Saratoga and Stravanganzza) and Johnny Öhlin (Dionysus and Nation).

In late 2005, the band reached an agreement with the Madrid record company Avsipa, to launch "Domine" under their label, Pak, and the date of release was set for March 13th, 2006. Following avid promotion, the album received excellent reviews from the press, including that of both national and international media. By the end of 2006, the composition of the second album began and was finally recorded between January and March 2007 in Valencia; once again with Fernando Asensi holding the reins. Subsequently, the band then travelled back to Argentina for the completion of the disc at the La Nave de Oseberg studios in Buenos Aires, relying once again on the skillfulness of Martin Toledo and his production team for this task. This new album received the title, "Alma Irae", and illuminated the evolution of the members and the growing style within the band, as the songs assumed a more candid front and purity, yet continuously stayed faithful to the melodic soul brought to life in the first album.

During the making of, "Alma Irae", Dragonfly collaborated with renowned artists such as Jose and Mohamed Mago from Oz, and Michael Roland from Logos, to mention just a couple. In May 2007, Dragonfly was facing a slight impediment as Ariel Mittica announced he had to leave the band in order to return to his native Buenos Aires. During the following summer, he temporarily joined Ezequiel Wiurnos' as guitarist, to continue the project of "DreamMaster". Following this loss of a band member, Dragonfly spread its wings over potential talent, and finally landed on the shoulders of Alberto Alba. In September 2007, this young talented man was fully integrated into the dynamics of the group, and is currently the guitarist with Dragonfly. Up to date, in January 2009, Pägana Records reached an agreement with Dragonfly to launch their second album, "Alma Irae".