Flesh Made Sin - Biography

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FLESHMADESIN is founded in June 1999 by Twan van Geel (vocals and guitar) and Björn van Hamond (guitar) with the intention to bring the '80's thrash feeling back. With Marco Stubbe (drums) and Marc van Stiphout (bass) joining in, the perfect lineup is a fact.

In 1999 the first live performances take place and in May 2000 a MCDentitled "Scenery of Death" is released. Reactions where overwhelming and gigs with the likes of Asphyx, Darkane, Nuclear Assault, The Haunted, Occult, God Dethroned and many more are a fact. In May 2002 their second assault is released, entitled 'Masterwork in Blood'.

At that time FLESHMADESIN is slowly becoming the scene's best-kept secret! In May 2004, after a short Dismember/Callenish Circle tour in the Benelux, FLESHMADESIN signs a record deal with Karmageddon Media, which results in recording the first full-length album. 'Dawn of The Stillborn'. The album was received very well in the international press and a small tour with Macabre & Prostitute Disfigurement, numerous club shows and festivals (Festung, Arnhem Metal Meeting) are done.

In 2006 FLESHMADESIN starts to work on the new album: 'The Aftermath Of Amen'. The band now evolved into a more mature and modern metal band with a sharp and dark edge. FLESHMADESIN managed to capture a far heavier and darker approach within their musical arrangements. Lyrically 'The Aftermath of Amen' is driven by a critical and sarcastic tone-of-voice to the Christian moral of humanity.

The album is produced by Marco Stubbe and is mastered by Jacob Hansen. In May 2009 FLESHMADESIN teams up with Neurotic Records who have been following FLESHMADESIN for quite some time. With the 'Aftermath Of Amen'the band is ready to take things to the next level and time is now toclaim international status.

In 2010 FLESHMADESIN celebrates its ten year mark with the re-release of 'Dawn of the Stillborn' also released by Neurotic Records. That same year FLESHMADESIN start writing new material which results in the new album 'Delirigion'. An album which has taken the band even deeper into dark territory.

2011 FLESHMADESIN has taken their music out of the thrash and into the darkened wastelands of death & blackmetal. After more than a decade they have returned with a fierce strike which is without a doubt their most demonic and above all most honest and intriguing album to date.

'Delirigion', The 3rd full length album was recorded and mixed at Aftermath studio's by drummer Marco Stubbe and is blessed with a killer sound production. Mastered at the infamous NECROMORBUS studio's Sweden, which serves the 'Delirigion' album perfectly. 'Delirigion' combines the sinners own somewhat unique approach of aggression and groove, which was already noticeable on their orerunners 'Dawn of the Stillborn' 2004 and 'The Aftermath of Amen' 2009, together with the sharpness and anarchistic transcendence of harsh blackened metal.

"Delirigion", as it is FLESHMADESIN' s next step on their highway to hell, can rather be seen as the first step into the new flesh. This reptile changed skin and so the band's logo made way for a more suiting armour to maintain it's venomous innards on the right place.

Now ready to spread the gospel of darkness and decay, FLESHMADESIN, known for their energetic and intense live assaults, is ready to bring back the danger to the stage once again and set ablaze the hearts of true metal heads still breathing for that bloody taste of hell's metal!