Inferno - Biography

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Inferno came into the existence in 1996 in the Czech republic even though the band's foundation has been laid a year before, in 1995. The first demo offering entitled "Peklo Na Zemi" was released in run of 500 copies which sold-out fast and the second demo "Temná Poselství Dávných Předků" which came out a year later and also limited to 500 copies followed the same fate. This very first releases of Inferno have opened many ways and possibilities in then Black Metal
underground. Inferno have played numerous concerts alongside the bands like Maniac Butcher, Eminenz, Impending Doom and others.

The established contacts in the scene have also helped the band to realize several notable 7" LPs with the bands such as Moonblood or Celestia which were released or co-released by a cult label Sombre Records. Other realized splits were with the bands Maniac Butcher, Sezarbil, Infernal War, Apolokia, Fagyhamu, Tundra, The Stone, Front Beast, Amalek, Winter Blasphemer, Naburus, Sekhmet and The True Endless. The band then has also recorded one live album and three subsequent full-length albums "Duch Slovanské Síly" (2001), V Návratu Pohanství..."
(2003) and "Nikdy Nepokřtěni" (2006).

The year 2008 marked several important milestones. Firstly, the Undercover Records released the fourth album entitled "Uctívání Temné Zuřivosti" - a very fine offering of melodic yet aggressive black metal - which helped the band to strike a deal with polish label Agonia Records who put out a crucial album "Black Devotion" (2009).

And things started to move in new directions as the band's name broke through the borders of Czech republic and Europe, performing eleven concerts in Mexico as well as at various places around the Europe. But the finest hour of Inferno is yet to come. The apocalyptic year of 2012 has been dedicated to the creation of the band's most potent and deranged creation yet. Inferno entered the well-known Swedish studio Necromorbus twice during the year to seal cacophonic sounds and malevolent powers into the album entitled "Omniabsence Filled By His Greatness".

This massive sounding magnum opus of sinister black metal art shall see the light of the day in 2013 through Agonia Records. Nowadays Inferno comprises of the founding member Adramelech (vocals), Ska-Gul (Guitars), Sarapis (Drums), O. (Bass guitar) and Morion (Guitars).