Minority Sound - Biography




Minority Sound was founded in late 2007 when two experienced musicians joined their forces. Otus (ex-Poppy Seed Grinder, ex-Rites of Undeath, ex-Apocryphal Death) and Gulesh (ex-Return to Innocence, ex-Rites of Undeath) based their style on mixing stompy guitar riffs, trancy beats and various electronic elements.

In the begining it was obvious that they were inspired by such bands as Pain, Fear Factory or Static-X and this resulted in first promo shooting. 4 songs long material was released in the early 2008 and defined the band's style as electro-metal. In the middle of 2008 two other members joined the MS family: Talented young drummer Šimon Staněk and bass player Petr Bláha. They helped to develop the sound and complete the lineup.

After completion of the band they played a lot of shows including polish mini-tour, Brutal Assault, Czech Death Fest, AFOD and many other events. In 2010 the band signed with Metalgate Records and released their debut CD "Analysis". Although the album got some nice reviews and made the band visible outside Czech Republic they tried to reach even further and make some more distinctive material. After 2 years of rehearsing and playing live the new CD was released in 2012. "The Explorer" was mixed and produced by famous Rom di Prisco (www.romdiprisco.com). It has everything a cyber metal / industrial album should have. Dark, relentless atmosphere, futuristic synths and an original production. Currently the band is supporting the CD with a lot of gigs and is preparing a new short-length material for year 2013.