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CALM HATCHERY was born in April in 2002 in Bialystok (Poland) by the guitarists Huzar and Iwan and drummer Radad. After three months they created a first unofficial demo.

The demo 'First Dream' was recorded in September 2002 in home and rehearsal room. Its form is completely underground (a photocopied cover, etc.). It comprises four tracks (which last 15 minutes) - all of them belonging to death metal type of music. After the recording session first changes in line-up occurred. In the consequence the number of members was increased to four. With the new musicians CALM HATCHERY appeared on some concerts with bands such as Vesania, Crionics, and Abused Majesty.

From April to September 2004, CALM HATCHERY recorded all parts of new full material in Hertz studio, but this time a full debut album 'El Alamein' with 9 compositions. Different members and rich experience made them not only much more fierce and brisk, but also better arranged. Undoubtedly, it is the most mature album of all, taking into account both music and lyrics. Different members and better experience made music on 'El Alamein' not only much more fierce and brisk, but also better arranged. Lyrics are based on a campaign in north Africa in 1942 (WWII) and mixed with mysticism and our reflections, which makes the recording an ingenious concept album. After this the band played some concerts with bands such as Hate, Toxic Bonkers, Sacriversum and [band]Trauma[band].

In May 2005 CALM HATCHERY suspended playing for some time. Huzar had to change place to his family town Slupsk and than looking for new members. In 2006 the band was ready to continue to play again. With new 3 members (HACEL-bass, ZOMBIE-guitar, SZCZEPAN-vocals) also Radad returned to the band. In 1 July 2006 the band played on MALBORK ZAMCZYSKO festival. I 1 November 2006 small label VIA NOCTURNA was relased late material 'El Alamein'.

In December - April of 2007 the band recorded second demo 'These Which Were' as a check for new members and proof that the band still lives and has something to show in the musical world. Today CALM HATCHERY are working on new material for a second album.