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Battlesoul - Biography




Battlesoul was founded in the Fall of 2007 by guitarist Mike Grund (ex-Heaven Ablaze) and drummer Nich Ireland (ex-Distrot/ex-Whitechapel). After several rehearsals they began to audition bass players and finally came across Jon Doyle (ex-O' Faolain) who as an added bonus brought vocals and keyboards to the mix. They began to practice to only find they were missing the last piece of the puzzle, a lead guitarist. After unsuccessfully auditioning several guitarists it dawned on them that Nich's older brother Thomas Ireland (ex-Perish/Blind Eye Era) would be a perfect fit. Moments later a call was made and it became official.

Battlesoul has perfected their unique brand of Celtic thrash fused with melodies from various Celtic instruments while playing shows throughout Ontario. A self titled EP of 5 songs was released in Fall of 2008 and quickly sold out. The band released it's second album in 2010, titled Lay Down They Burdens.

On May 21st 2013 the band released it's latest opus, titled Tir Na Nog.