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The Masters of Horror Metal are back for the 2nd attack! The moshing beast we know as F.K.Ü., short for Freddy Krueger's Ünderwear, first raised its four ugly heads back in 1987. Then the band consisted of Pete on guitar, Pat on bass, Theo on drums and a Mexican chef called Afro on vocals. In those days they were more or less pure S.O.D. die hard disciples, to say the least! After a handful of something that was supposed to be rehearsals but more bared the resemblance of cheap beer and pizza fights, the band fell into a hiatus.

It wasn't until confronted with a strange guy called Larry in early 1997 that the band thought of bringing the slumbering beast back to life again. After the overwhelming response of the 20-song demo called "Beware of the Evil Ünderwear" (including hits like "Stomp and Shake (Crystal Lake)" and "You Stink") recorded in 1998, the guys decided to go for the real deal. Come 1999 and the horror metal men spends nine days in Dugout studios with Daniel Bergstrand to lay down classic tracks like "He Saw Her Today", "Maniac" and "Michael Myers Costume Party" to complete their moshing magnum opus "Metal Moshing Mad". The 22-track mosher showed the world that it's still possible to have good, friendly, violent fun and create music that makes you diving to get to the nearest circle pit and mosh it out! After the release and some successful gigs at Dist 2000 and 2000 Decibel festivals as well as a lot of unforgettable club gigs the band went into a slower pace as the members also paid their dues in other metal acts, taking up more and more of their precious moshing time.

In 2004, Larry, Pete, Pat and Ted realize that what the world really needs is another dose of their patented Horror Metal Mosh, and so begins the making of their sophomore moshing masterpiece "Sometimes They Come Back... To Mosh".
This time the recording process takes place at Ted's own Blueflame studio while the recording of the vocals and the mixing once again takes place at old companion Daniel Bergstrand's Dugout studios. Once again inspired by 80's thrash and horror movies and of course, old issues of Metal Forces and cheap beer, "Sometimes They Come Back... To Mosh" moshes and slashes its way into your veins and once you've tasted this hot dish of destruction... you will end up begging for more!

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