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Nehëmah - Biography




Nehëmah is a project of pure black metal created by Corven on October 31, 1992.
Only one demo "Light Of A Dead Star" has been recorded with the assistance of Eligor (guitar), this demo was released in 1995. At this time, the wishes of the band were to remain underground, thus only 166 specimens were officially distributed...

Following this release, Corven stopped the project temporarily and it is only in Autumn 2000 that Nehëmah he can finally come back with more strength quite as musically sick as before, but with an biggest inner power.

Eligor was replaced by Sorghal (lead guitars) and Nocturnos (rhythm guitars), the new drummer is Dragon and Corven plays bass guitar and sings.

Their spirits are definitively bound and they are dancing in a sky without stars like four black crows...

The concept of Nehëmah is always dealing with suicide, nightmares, the dark dimensions of the spirit, as well as multiple tributes to the female goddesses and female night entities. Nehëmah being one of the names of Lilith, the black moon, shade, the unconscious one with the obscure impulses, queen of the ghouls and first woman of Adam...

The objective of the band is simple: be able to play live to give live to their interior worlds and reach the receptive people. The emotion that people have listening to Nehëmah depends on their sensitivity...

In early September 2005 the band signed a new contract with the Italian label Avantgarde Music.