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ASPERA are a Norwegian progressive metal act formed in 2009 in Skien. The band was formerly known as ILLUSION ( formed in 2005) and released a couple of EPs using that name while sharing stages in their native Norway with bands like PAGAN'S MIND, CIRCUS MAXIMUS and AUDREY HORNE. After a name change to ASPERA the band released their debut full-length studio album "Ripples" through InsideOut Music in January 2010. ASPERA consists of Atle Pettersen on vocals, Robin Ognedal on guitar, Rein T. Blomquist on bass, Jochim Strom Eklund on drums and Nickolas Main Henriksen on keyboards.

These five aspiring musicians are truly what can be described as "youngsters" and "newcomers," being just 20 years of age (all born in the last quarter of the year 1989!) and even only 18-19 years old whilst producing "Ripples".

The name ASPERA is taken from Latin and stands for "thorns" or "rugged ground," which describes the band's complex and colorful sound in an appropriate way.

ASPERA cite acts like PAIN OF SALVATION, PAGAN'S MIND, SYMPHONY X, DREAM THEATER and EVERGREY as common favorites and stylistic influences and the band's debut full-length album "Ripples" was mixed and mastered at Fascination Street Studios in Sweden by Jens Bogren, who has previously produced bands such as OPETH, PARADISE LOST, HAMMERFALL and SYMPHONY X. Bogren was obviously impressed by the potential of the young musicians and comments on "Ripples" as follows: "The debut album from ASPERA is one of the best progressive metal albums I've heard in a looong time! Since 1992, to be exact! It was an honor helping the band getting the album the way they deserve."