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Nevaloth, a metal band from Zvolen, Slovakia, was founded in July of 2008, when the first rehearsal room was rented and the first line-up gathered, consisting of Delgrast - keyboards, Nargil - guitar, Grinder - guitar, Daddar - bass , Svjatogor - drums and Gortauth - vocals. This line-up played the first songs composed by Delgrast almost a year before, as well as covers from the early era of Dimmu Borgir and Mayhem.

In September 2008 Gortauth and Grinder left the band, the first one because of not approving himself and the second one because of varying opinions on the band's music style. Various alternatives were tested until it was decided that Delgrast will also do vocals. In December 2008 Vilozof joined the band on guitar and the band started to prepare for the first gigs, as well as to work on new material.


The first gig took place 6th February 2009 at Underworld Winter Fest in Topoľčany (Továrniky). A more important gig was performed exactly 4 months later, 6th June 2009, when Nevaloth played in Rock Club Tartaros in Banská Bystrica, thanks to which other offerings to play in Banská Bystrica and elsewhere came up, including gigs at Under Tartaros Fest (29th August), at Tirish Pub with the legendary folk metalists Skyclad (27th October) or at Dark Night´s Symphony in Nitra (7th November). The band played totally 8 gigs in 2009.

During the autumn of 2009 Nevaloth recorded their first demo named "Karneval Babylonu" (Carnival of Babylon) consisting of 5 older songs. In December 2009 and February 2010 Nevaloth recorded their first full-length album named "La Diabolica Commedia" which appears in June2010 via Sonic Temple records. Songs composed after finishing La Diabolica Commedia are written by the whole band, compared to the early songs, they are more technical and progressive, with a whole scale of sounds and the guitar parts are more sophisticated. Vilozof also takes backing vocals, as well as clean vocals.


Daddar leaves the band, and since than the position of the bass player is available for anyone intrested.

The first lyrics are written without a uniting idea, from classical blasphemous and mythological themes and infernal visions there are gothic and heathen themes also present. Old lyrics are mostly in Slovak, with a minority of English and Latin. The new lyrics share a common idea and they mostly deal with the philosophical opinions of F. Nietzsche, A. Crowley, W. Blake and other authors, not forgetting the blasphemous themes. New lyrics are mostly in English.

The name of the band "Nevaloth" was firstly an abstract word brought up by Delgrast which, despite how mystically it sounds, had no deeper meaning. Later it was acknowledged that this word actually comes from the ancient Hebrew language (נבלה ). "Nevaloth" refers to a group of persons which lapsed from the majority´s religions, something like: unbelievers, renegades, heretics, apostates etc. The band does fully identify itself with this meaning.