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Houwitser, the well-known Dutch deathmetal horde, is back on track! Original members Michel (guitars) and Stan (vocals), joined forces with Ramon (bass), Richard (guitars) and Marco (drums).
The music of Houwitser is still a combination of thrash, grind and death metal. Absolutely no trendy shit here, just brutal, aggressive and fast music. Ready to blow your ears off!

Houwitser originally started in 1997. Michel (ex-Sinister) and Aad (Sinister) first wrote a bunch of songs together, before completing the line-up with singer Mike (ex-Sinister) and bassplayer Theo (Hail Of Bullets). After a couple of rehearsal sessions with the complete line-up they decided to record some promo songs. Houwitser recorded 6 songs on only 4 tracks in one night.

The debut CD Death But Not Buried was released by Displeased Records in the spring of 1999 and got great reviews and good sales until now. After some extensive touring through the Benelux, Houwitser parted with their singer Mike and found an excellent replacement in Arjaan "Djortz" Kampman. Soon they recorded the second album Embrace Damnation and did even more gigs in the Benelux and Germany. Then Arjaan decided to leave the band, but again Houwitser found another great singer in Stan Blonk. Houwitser entered the Excess Studios in the summer of 2001 to record the third album Rage Inside The Womb, and was released by Osmose Productions. The album also got terrific reviews in magazines worldwide and Houwitser toured through the entire European continent during the summer of 2002.

In 2004, after the release of Houwitser's last CD Damage Assessement (Osmose Productions) the band split up. Displeased Records re-released the debut album Death But Not Buried with 7 bonus tracks and new artwork.

But the split up left a bad vibe with Michel and Stan. They decided Houwitser had to rise up from the ashes. Soon they found a second guitarist, Richard Gielen. Unfortunately Theo didn't have the time to join Houwitser again but another bass player was found quickly in Ramon Ploeg. The difficult part was finding the right drummer, but they did find the perfect Houwitser drummer, Marco de Groot, who played in other well-known dutch metalbands like Altar, Ordo Draconis and Blind Justice, and now also Thanatos.

In 2009 they self-released a 2 track promo CD called Sledgehammer Redemption which got terrific reviews worldwide and Houwitser got a new recorddeal with the American Sevared Records.
In early 2010 Houwitser entered the studio once again to record their 5th full-length album entitled Bestial Atrocity.
With Bestial Atrocity Houwitser signed with the famous booking-agency Massive Music from Poland. (Vader, Nile, Immolation, Samael and many others)

Now the mighty Terror Legion is back to strike again! Soon they will march the stages again to rip off your ears with their thundering death metal. So watch out for Houwitser! The Terror Legion is heavier and more brutal than ever!

Stay tuned for the Trip of Fire !
Source: http://www.houwitser.nl/pages/biography.php