Benevolent - Biography

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Formed in 2007 by brothers Hadi & Fadi Sarieddine, Benevolent is an experimental extreme metal band that exhibits a sonic connection of heavy, dark, and polyrhythmic riffs and an eerie blend of sound. The band's sound is also closely referenced with the new "Djent" movement due to the hard-­‐hitting chug riffs spread out through the band's record.

Debuting with its first EP titled "Divided" in November 2010, the band has received rave reviews for their inceptive studio observation -­‐ being labeled as "Best Middle East Metal Band of the Year 2010" by widely known Middle Eastern online metal website,, which in turn gave "Divided" a review of 9/10. In addition to having the song "The Tyrant" dubbed as "One of the best metal songs of 2010" by popular Lebanese metal website,

Divided EP's opening song "Clairvoyant Transmission" was ranked #2 best song of the year for the Middle East region through Rockability Magazine's poll conducted in December 2010. The widely successful reception of the EP "Divided" has spread strongly past the Middle East, with the band featured on such publications as, Got-­‐,, and Forbidden Magazine reaching out to fans across the United States, Europe, Japan, and South East Asia. Following the success of Divided EP, the band was signed to Spellbind Records (UAE) for the entire territory of the Middle East. The band announced that they are working on the debut full length album which will be released through Spellbind Records and will feature drum icon Andols Herrick (ex drummer of Chimaira).