Misery Inc. - Biography


Misery Inc. was formed in Myrskylä, Finland, October 2001. First there was Janne (guitar), Jukka (bass), Jonttu (drums) and Jukkis (vocals). Their original plan was to make music without any lead guitars but then it turned out to be a bit boring. Teemu joined the band and so Misery Inc. were complete.

Debut album "Yesterday´s Grave" was released through ZYX Music 2003. It received amazing feedback from metal media all over and made the band's name known in metal scene. Summer 2005 MI signed a deal with Firebox Records and on February 2006 MI proudly present the second album "Random End" which really proves that Misery Inc. has found their style and are stronger than ever, showing how their misery is formed into kick-ass riffs, catchy melodies, and strong vocals - all in very melancholic and moody fashion.

With the two new singers this band is a killing machine! The new album shows how this kind of music should be done. On your knees, give yourself to random end!

Taken from Misery Inc. official website