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Sonne Adam - Biography




The history of Sonne Adam dates back to 2007 when a young Israeli duo consisting of Davidov (all instruments) and Dahan (vocals) started a musical project to create "death metal in the vein of early Paradise Lost but with a more shamelessly evil and blasphemous touch and some Morbid Angel thrown in the mix."

The band's first recording was an EP titled The Sun Is Dead (which so far remains unreleased), followed by another EP called Armed With Hammers, which caught the attention of underground label Imperium Productions from Germany, which subsequently released it on seven-inch vinyl in 2010. The resulting underground buzz culminated in renowned German magazine Rock Hard naming it "Demo Of The Month" and predicting the band to become a hot topic among all death metal maniacs.

After seeing Sonne Adam developing into an amazing, highly promising underground act, Century Media Records picked them up for the release of the band's debut album, Transformation, in co-operation with Imperium Productions, which will handle the album's vinyl version.