Miasma - Biography

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Miasma was founded in vienna,november 1990 by peter prohazka(guit.),christian woditsch(voc.),gregor schmidt(dr.),and johannes attems(bass.). With the exception of christian all members had previously been active in several other bands and gregor still played in another death metal band,called caldera. December 1990saw miasma..s first live performance,as they were opening for gregor..s other band in the "grafitti",a metal club in vienna,situated in the city..s center,close to the prestigious"wiener staatsoper"(if they only knew).

After some line up changes(gerhard replaced chritian on voc.,günter joined as 2nd guit.), the recording of the demo tape(march..91,produced by martin schirenc of pungent stench,and several gigs at home and abroad,miasma recorded their first(and so far only) full length album"changes"in october..91 during the evenings of five days.again martin schirenc proved as an invaluable help for the band, as he helped in recording and mixing process, which ultimately lead to a brutal yet transparent overall sound. The record was released through lethal records. For clarification,it should be noted that gregor, gerhard, and günter chose to use the pseudonyms capral adorator, gorehead,and ares cancer,respectively. This was done because of the striking similarityof their first names. Many gigs, including a full european tour supporting disharmonic orchestra(november..92), followed and in spring..

93 the mini cd" love songs ". By then miasma had a good reputation in the death metal scene. However, shit happens and so lethal records did not pay a dime and the band consequently decided to leave the label in the summer of ..93. Unfortunately this brought the overall ambition of the band to a halt and, despite some later appearances of gregor,peter,and johannes it was the summer of..93 when miasma practically ceased to exist as a death metal band.

Napalm records re-released changes in 2001. However, it took roughly another four years until miasma was reanimated mainly due to günters devotion.except for peter miasma initially consisted of the "changes" lineup. Johannes suffered from a severe lack of time and consequently was replaced by michi....while jhonny...joined as 2nd. Guitarist. Gregor left the band,came back again only to leave again but finally made it back when the band had their first gig in the new millenium on november..07. Two highly acclaimed gigs followed in early..08,when all of a sudden gerhard and günter were faced with the decision of the other members that they would leave the band.

They now work under the new and very promising name"destination void". Johannes joins good old miasma again and this where we right now. And last but not least"we are working on a new album"