Death Valley Driver - Biography

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Like it's namesake, Death Valley Driver will leave you with a sore neck and a few bruises. Since forming in 2008, they have become one hardest gigging metal bands on the Island. In that time, they have played all over the Maritimes. The five-piece has shared the stage with Canadian rockers White Cowbell Oklahoma, Neuraxis, Fuck the Facts as well as east coast heavyweights Iron Giant, The Motorleague, Black Moor and Orchid's Curse. With the upcoming release of their album Choke The River, Death Valley Driver will ooze a toxic stew of swamp metal with a touch of blue collar Maritime rock and roll.
The album, engineered by Haywire's David Rashed, promises to be a bruising release, with molten riffs, whiskey-burned vocals and bottom-heavy grooves akin to their influences Pantera, Motorhead and Black Sabbath. Death Valley Driver are out to prove that PEI can produce some of the best metal on the East Coast.

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