Infernal Wrath - Biography

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Infernal Wrath is a Mumbai based extreme metal band formed in early 2005 whose influences also include Indian classical & world music, creating a very unique aural landscape & a live experience that has made a lasting impression on audiences in Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Goa, Hyderabad & Bangalore and have become the crowd's favorite live act.

The band speaks about the path of self realization that is set to a backdrop of the events preceeding the Apocalypse which has been foretold in various scriptures which form the basis of various religions & sects all across the globe.

As a part of the events that will take place, one of the key figures is that of the "messiah".
This expected chosen one is given many different names by various religions of the world.
Through the journey of the album, one will realize that the "messiah" is not some third person but we are our own messiah.

In today's time, the foreign & domestic policies that are being made, the present conflicts that are being pursued in our present geo-political scenario by the politicians & the priestly class to pursue their own selfish agendas, use these scriptures to indoctrinate the masses to demand those "Armageddon" like situation to take place, claming that the "messiah" will appear & their salvation is near.

So, in the light of the present scenario, we, as a band, want to show a completely different perspective using the very same texts so that individuals can understand their true goal, the one of self-realization.