These Are They - Biography

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Forming in May, 2008, THESE ARE THEY, a Chicago death metal band featuring vocalist Paul Kuhr (NOVEMBERS DOOM), Guitarist Steve Nicholson (ex-NOVEMBERS DOOM), would enter the metal scene with an aural assault.

Thirteen years since the release of the NOVEMBERS DOOM debut, "Amid Its Hallowed Mirth," and the departure of Nicholson from the group, founding members Paul Kuhr and Steve Nicholson have reunited to create something new. With the help of good friends and band mates, a musical style was chosen, material was written and THESE ARE THEY recorded their demo debut, keeping the band in silence until music was ready to be released. Recorded, mixed and mastered at Studio One, with Chris Wisco (Djuricic) at the helm, the recording instantly took shape.

Guitar driven, down tuned, and powerful, the material is old school Chicago death metal, with influence added from Iron Maiden to Unleashed. The songs contain all the head banging hook you would expect from this style.

Early on the band continued to evolve which led to the addition of Sasha Horn (Novembers Doom) on Drums and soon after the 2nd Guitarist spot was filled by Justin Jurgevich (Hurtlocker). Along with Wiley Wells (Earthen), this lineup has now existed for quite some time and the band is more intense and aggressive than ever, with Big plans for 2010 coming soon.