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Born From Ruins - Biography




Born From Ruins was born in Houston, TX in February 2009 after many rehearsals with several different musicians but the final line-up that decided on the name was Blake Ortiz (vocals), Josh Jenkins (guitars), Dave VanOrstrand (bass) and Chris Fudala (drums). Fittingly enough, each of the members had been in bands that had just ceased on their own or crashed and burned, so Born From Ruins they already were.

The band spent the next few years writing, rehearsing and playing shows all over the Houston area gathering a very loyal following before they finally recorded their first album titled Daddy's Little Whore in August 2011. Later in 2011 drummer Chris Fudala was forced to leave the band due to work commitments and was replaced by Ryan Damian.

2012 saw many more shows all over Houston as well many new songs in preparation for their next album. The band spent the latter part of 2012 and early 2013 recording their first music video for their single "Save Me" (from the upcoming 2013 album), which was released on YouTube in early February.

Born From Ruins delivers a high energy live performance driven by hair raising guitar riffs, chest pounding bass solos, and insane drum fills that make you say "what just happened?". All compiled with lyrical harmony, echoing choruses, and commanding vocals that will send chills down your spine!