Vanderbuyst - Biography

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Formed in 2008 by guitarist Willem Verbuyst (ex-Powervice) Vanderbuyst are a power trio that just love to mix up 70s and 80s Hard Rock, Classic Rock and the early New Wave sound. Joining Willem on this journey are Barry Van Esbroek on drums and Jochem Jonkman on both bass and vocals.
Together they deliver their own unique take on old school hard rock, dipping into the sounds of such great acts as UFO, Rainbow, Thin Lizzy, Deep Purple, Van Halen and ZZ Top. The message is clear - for hard and heavy get some Vanderbuyst.

They kicked off in 2008 with a self-titled 3 track. The praise they got throughout Belgium, Germany and their native The Netherlands was no surprise given that their work had been crafted at Eindhoven's VOID-studio by Pieter G. Kloos (The Devil's Blood, Motorpsycho) with mixing and co-production supported by Selim Lemouchi (Powervice, The Devil's Blood).

Unwilling to sit still, Vanderbuyst returned to that studio in the Spring of 2010 and laid down their debut album. The band were happy to be working with Kloos again and continued with the no frills approach that had already brought them success. Together they created an album of driven hard rock that hits listeners right between the ears. No messing, just hard rock with two of the tracks even recorded live in the studio (including a superb cover of UFO's masterpiece "Rock Bottom").

In October 2010 this album hit the shelves as a vinyl (in black, purple and clear) as well as a CD version, all via Germany's Ván Records. More praise inevitably came including an excellent 9 from Europe's leading rock magazine "Rock Hard".

But Vanderbuyst aren't just about the studio - in 2010 they played an impressive 50 shows with what is being called a "Dutch Hard Rock Assault". It's no surprise that they were chosen to support the mighty British Heavy Metallers Saxon across Europe from May 2011. On top of this they will hit the festival circuit with Rock Hard (Germany), Metal Camp (Slovenia), Metal Magic (Denmark) and Zwarte Cross (The Netherlands) all lined up as well as much, much more. Overall there will be over 100 shows for Vanderbuyst this year.

As a reward for all those fans, new and old, Vanderbuyst will also be hitting the studio to record a second album. This will take place over the Summer with a late 2011 release slated.

Forget the lightweight Nu and Goth metal - Vanderbuyst proves that 80s Hard Rock is alive and kicking and the Hard Rocking days are back!

Unperturbed, Vanderbuyst did as they always do: they raised the bar once more and got to work. After releasing Vanderbuyst (2010), In Dutch (2011) and Flying Dutchmen (2012) time had come to try something different. They started looking for a producer who was willing to make that step with them. When they teamed up with Martin Furia it was an obvious choice to go for a heavier sound. Martin and the guys were determined to capture the energy the band has on stage. For the first time they worked with a producer who was not afraid of using all the tools available to create that overwhelming sound, yet careful not overproducing the band. Meanwhile, the songwriting matured and is more to the point than ever. Also the straightforward riffing (cf. Vanderbuyst, 2010) instead of double tracking of multiple lead guitars (cf. Flying Dutchmen, 2012) returned and has contributed to the big sound of the songs. That this album is the most personal one so far is to be heard in the lyrics, often describing the life on the road. The finishing touch to the sturdy mix of At The Crack Of Dawn (2014) was put by the world famous Sterling Sound mastering company.

At The Crack Of Dawn (2014), released by Ván Records, will bring you a fresh Vanderbuyst. Of course you will recognize the band by its catchy hard rock. But by cranking up the production, Vanderbuyst blew some of the old school dust off the speakers to give the songs the sound they deserve. What is more, these songs were written with an audience in mind: on the album they already contain the live-energy; live on stage they just want you! Join Vanderbuyst tonight and leave satiated at the crack of dawn.