Kragens - Biography


Kragens was formed in late 2000 by Cedric Sellier and Ludwig Laperche, both french guitarists, joined later by vocalist Renaud Espeche (Demon Eyes). They quickly found their creative process as they composed their first metal tracks together. But bassist Laurent Pottentier and drummer Jean Michel Scali left the band in 2001.

So a new Kragens style was enforced by the Denis Malek arrival (bassist) and the Olivier Gavelle coming, a talented and powerful drummer (Ace, Dirty Side). This line up performed full of local concerts as a cover band. As the months passed, the bandmates were building strong links and they began to write their own songs together. "Satan The Killer" was the first to be achieved.

Years of work later, Kragens recorded their first album, "Dying In A Desert" released in 2004, with the full collaboration of the French keyboardist Franck Viencharutti. The album was signed on the excellent French metal label Thundering Records. Cover and artwork were made by the great Jean-Pascal Fournier (Immortal, Edguy...), mixing by Stéphane Buriez (Loudblast). This original and powerful album got excellent reviews and great feedbacks.

Classed as "Revelation 2004" and "Best Concert" in Rock Hard France, they recorded their second album "Seeds Of Pain" on april/may 2005, mixing made by the great Tue Madsen,, who gave to bands like Aborted, The Haunted, Ektomorf or Mnemic...a huge Danish and Viking sound.

Chris Boltendahl signed the band on Locomotive Music (Mägo De Oz, Tierra Santa, Astral Doors...) for a worlwide release excluding France. The album was out the 29 of August 2005. In France "Seeds Of Pain" was out on Thundering Records in December 2005. In Japan, Gencross will release "Seeds Of Pain" on the 25th of January 2006.

After a common agreement, Ludwig Laperche is now replaced by Gil Giachino, the new Kragens guitarist.