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Band Endless Main occurs in late August 2007, lineup Paul Labuda - drums, Milan Ferjencik - guitar, Matt Sudila - guitar, Michal Sepetka - vocals, James Sepetka - bass. A month later comes the band Michal Prochadzka - keys.

The band to set goals and begin to play the first track taken over by bands like Freedom Call, Edguy and Masterplan. In November, the band begins to try his first song, although some experiments they were previously.


In January 2008, short attenuation occurs in the production side wheels of the duties of some members. After a month break the band begins to form and train a second original song that has a speed metalovejší character.

In late March leaves the band and guitarist Milan Ferjencik is necessary to find an adequate substitute. It becomes Marek Fencl, a talented guitarist who once got into the band's future and could begin to write.

Summer becomes a period of preparation for the band's first concert, which took place on 30 August in the former Kine star in Banska Bystrica, so fairly tested, and the repertoire included a song from the band Ayreon. Responses are very positive and enjoys what drives the band forward.

In November, EM participated in the concert in Nitra with seasoned bands and Allegra Sky Rebel. At the end of the year comes another acting gig in Banska Bystrica, along with the band inside the band. And so Endless Main essentially completed a successful 2008. 3 concerts to his credit and five own songs.


As is, the beginning of the year gives some EM those resolutions. Although limited in the band about touring, but it would be worth it. One of the resolutions is to prepare to record a CD, which will be most important in 2009.

In spring and summer the band played some EM those concerts, one of them across the border in Slovakia Brno, which certainly advancing all members and adds more flavor and more perform live. The second half is more or less summer holiday.

In September, EM great concert takes place in Banska Bystrica, where the guests act as a band Sagittaria, Catastrofy and Sunita. It's a great event, yet one of the best in the short history of the band. In early November, made a trip to the Orava Namestovo where EM enter into another concert experience.

Recording CD to partially slow, but as they say "slowly on zájdeš" and the password, the band still holds EM, gradually improving its practices and to track the final product could see the light of the best.


The first half of the year was marked by the spirit of the concert. At the beginning of summer comes a band rehearsal, but at the end of the summer holidays begin refill The six musicians have to try the new premises and then place 3 concerts. Of these, one in the Czech Republic.

In early November 2010, the EM to study concluded that long was finally promised a full material. As we approach the end of the year, so the recording gets its final form.


The beginning of 2011, singer Michael Sepetka first born son was born and also the first regular record, which was named Sea Of Lies. Baptism CD on 7 May in Music Rock Cafe in Zvolen in support of related bands and Nevaloth Inner Response.

In the summer of EM in support of their debut album, played concerts in Roznava, Banska Bystrica and Budapest. In the fall occurs less depression in active play, which is not detrimental because the band begins work on the material composing the music for the next CD.


The year 2012 begins testing new songs for the upcoming second album. Tracks will have a progressive spirit in so far as production. In addition to testing the new songs are also plans for concerts where the band also plans to continuously introduce new creation. EM enjoying the feedback of fans ...

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