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In a time when darkness ruled the world, two men decided to join their strength; uniting their forces into one to become stronger in the battle against the unholy spirits, eating our world.One of them was the mighty axeman, Joachim; blessed with the power of wisdom.

The other was Johan. A man with a burning heart; prepared to fight for justice with his golden sticks.
Together they started sowing the seed of this new kingdom. The foundation of the Astral empire.
Rumours flew to places hidden behind clouds and under oceans. Soon evildoers got together and started their vicious war against the kingdom of Astral.
An invitation was sent to the warrior from Midway, Sir Patrik. Armoured in steel and eager to prove his courage; Sir Patrik became allied with the Astral Kings, forming a fortress in metal; forged in fire. Tales and songs around the world, foretold the legend of Astral and many tried to find it. Seekers from near and far searched for the golden doors to the kingdom, but no one found it.So it happened one day, that the two knights, Martin and Jocke, on their way home from the battlefield, stopped at the river of the valley to drink some water.
Reflected by the clear water, a light so bright and beautiful, gave them the doors; the doors from the tales; golden and divine. The Astral Doors.The story says that only one more, of the thousand who tried, managed to reach that land with the golden doors to keep trespassers out: The winged assassin from the east; Mika the brave.Things have been said and things have been done. For the tears now dried and for the faded words; listen to the tales and sing along with the singers and their songs. The gospels shall never die.In the name of the son and the father and the Holy Ghost we invite you to follow us behind the Astral Doors.

Criar Thrakenwill, 2003.

The story continous......

The saga of Astral Doors, part two: The battle of the golden kingdom

After the celebrations of finding the Astral doors, our force was destined to create there a new kingdom. Rangers, holy men, soldiers of fortune: in thousands they came; all to be a part of the building of an empire without greed and malice, ruled by six kings: Johan with his golden sticks; Joachim blessed with wisdom; Mika the brave; King Martin the giant; Jocke the wizard and Sir Patrik. This could have been the end of the story, but forces of darkness waited in their holes for the right moment to break through the doors of peace. Banned and cursed from their own lands, they gathered in the valley of Mukrur, preparing to conquer The Kingdom of Astral and to slay all resistance.

The sky cracked and moon cried, the night when evil arrived to Astral. Our six kings once again had to join their strength and wisdom to protect their world. With swords, forged in the fire of Hgardylie, they fought the intruders. For seven days and seven nights the Astral men defended the walls of hope, but when victory seemed to be within reach; a figure started to rise back in the distance.

A battle between men is one thing, but now, by the exploding volcanos of madness, they all realized that they now were up to something that they never could defeat: they were at war with Satan. In the shape of a gigantic tiger, he roared his battle roar. Pandemonium; death and destruction flashed through the minds of the rulers. Hope was no more.

Now the warriors of Astral believed it was all too late. The spirits had left them and their minds didn't want their bodies to fight anymore. In that moment, Johan started to drum. The rhythm seemed to hypnotize Satan and his disciples. Soon, Mika the brave started following the rhythm with his bass; and the army's of death backed off a bit. Joachim and Martin made guitars of their axes and delivered riffs so heavy that the devil squad retreated even more. Jocke ran into the church and found the holy organ. Playing heavenly tunes, he joined the band of the kings. Satan was almost defeated now and when Sir Patrik sang along with the mighty music, hails and brimstones crushed the soldiers of evil and the humiliated Lord of Darkness, crawled back to his stinking world deep under ground. The tale of the kings who defeated the Devil is a story that will live forever in the kingdom of Astral. Evil is forever you say? Well, so are the Astral Doors!

Criar Thrakenwill, 2005.

The saga of Astral Doors, part three: The legend of the Astral Friar.

The war of the Golden Kingdom had been won. It was glory days in the pearl of sweetness. Years went by and new times took over the world. The kingdom of Astral soon fell into the well of oblivion and the modern people soon forgot about the miracles in the ultimate war of existence and the heroes from the mines of humanity.

The boy with the long black hair could not run anymore. The hunting crowd surrounded him and he knew that the only way out was to fight. With strength he didn't know he had and with the cunning of the fox, he defeated his opponents and swore upon the heart of his father to spend the rest of his life as a nomad and a friar, protected by the mountain walls of Nirtal. He learned the way of the wilderness and to respect the power of the nature. Now no longer a boy, but a man and a hunter, he lived as one with the mountain. Trespassers had to pay with their lives if they intruded his domains with bad intentions and without his permission. All the species living in his land of stone, he banished if they broke the vow of peace. Soon people started to tell stories and tales about the man on the mountain. The legend foretold that he was half a God and half a man. They called him Dragonstone. Many were the children who fell asleep at night after been listening to another lullaby or bed side story about the mystical warrior.

Tdetsdnil Nahoj, the evil Emperor of The Darkland, was ready to leave. His soldiers were ready to escort him to the Outland. The emperor had a macabre vision to find and conquer the hidden land of Astral; to collect its golden treasures and return to The Darkland in triumph. The treasures of the Astral Kingdom would be used as payment for the rebuilding of the armed forces of The Darkland. A war machine destined to spread death and terror. All the advisers who told him that the Astral Kingdom was nothing but a myth were immediately executed. The Evil Nahoj always took what he wanted and nothing could stop him. The map his father had given to him just before his last breath in life could not be misread: The Astral Kingdom was to be found in the valley of Nellab near the great mountain of Nirtal. It was a dark and rainy morning when Tdetsdnil Nahoj and his one thousand men army left The Darkland to meet their destiny.

Joachim, Mika and the rest of glorious kings, sat around the king's table in hall of freedom. They had now lived in peace, hidden from the outside world for a hundreds of years. Their victory in the battle of the golden kingdom had given them immortality, but the way the world progressed worried them. Information said that an army led by Tdetsdnil Nahoj marched against The Astral Kingdom to destroy the world of goodness once and forever. The kings had no intend to let this stone hearted emperor reach the Astral Doors, and they realized what had to be done. The mighty Martin ordered one of his servants: -Go find the watcher of Nirtal; but hurry, the time is short.

The legendary Dragonstone knew exactly what he had to do. The words echoed inside his head: -Don't let anyone near the Astral Kingdom. Protect the mountain and the valley from the forces of The Darkland. Your trophy and prize is immortality. For the first time since he was a kid, Dragonstone had revealed his real name. When the kings around the table demanded him to tell them his name, he had spoken. The Astral kings fell to their knees, when they realized that the man in front of them was the son of the former leader of the free forces, Lhadnetlob Sirhc. -I have lived the life of a nomad in the shadows of Nirtal too long, he said. The way of the friar seemed to be my destiny in life, but now the day has come when it's time for me to face the future and to settle peace with my past. I will defend the Astral Kingdom. The final battle is mine.

The evil emperor of the Darkland didn't even see that the end was near. Like out of nowhere the sky turned black and a thunderous sound roared. As the emperor and his army were about to enter the Valley of Glory through the only passage, the mountain started to tremble and quake and within a few seconds; the forces of evil had met their grave under the stones of Nirtal. The man formerly known as Dragonstone, stood safe on the highest top of the mountain and watched the massacre of evil as the only beholder. To fight fire with fire is sometimes the only solution; but in his heart he felt sadness. Why do people become evil? Why are people so hungry for power? Is this the end of dictatorship? Will Brage ever return to highest league? Sualc Sirhc turned around and started his long climb down the mountain. It was time for him to return to his own people. As a king.

Years went by and the memories of the Astral Kingdom once again turned into tales and songs. One of the most foretold stories in the Astral saga was about the battle of Nitral and how one man alone defeated the army's of The Darkland. Later on, this story would be foretold as The legend of The Astral Friar.

Criar Thrakenwill, 2006.

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