To Cast A Shadow - Biography


From the dark and icy cold depths of the Norwegian heartlands, comes the story of four tormented and musically attuned souls who joined forces to make the type of music they live and breath for. The tale begins with a band of three friends coming together in a basement to try and bring the house down with loud, pounding grooves, and continues through epochs of experimenting within a range of heavy musical stylings. A diverse assortment of artists to have influenced and contributed to shape the current sound of the band, includes such names as The 3rd And The Mortal, My Dying Bride, Type O negative, Satyricon, Anathema, Tool, Paradise Lost and of course Black Sabbath.

Just a few years back, the band 's musical expression had landed firmly within the domain of melodic doom/goth metal. The sound was complete with the adding of a female singer to the mix. 2007 saw the release of the band 's debut album All Alone, which was distributed throughout Europe by Indie Dist and Plastichead. The album featured artwork by Matthew Vickerstaff (My Dying Bride), and recieved a number of great reviews. The entity in question goes by the name "To Cast a Shadow".

In 2010, a record deal was signed with Kolony Records and the band's second album, titled In Memory Of was released in February 2011. It was recorded with the help of producer Kristian Sigland (The Crest) and yet again the band collaborated with Rikard Löfgren for the mix and Matthew Vickerstaff for the artwork.

Source: Facebook