Necrovile - Biography

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Necrovile was founded in 2001 by Calin Paraschiv (guitars, bass, drum programming) and Daniel Borodi (vocals). The first musical ideas emerged into "Extreme Meal Dismemberment" Demo, which was promoted on the local underground media and clubs. As a result, the label Mirgilus Siculorum Productions became interested in releasing the next recording, "Into the Gory Scripts" MCD. The moment coincides with the addition of Ela Paraschiv on bass. With the line-up completed by Florin Gheorghita on drums and Radu Vulpe on the second guitar, Necrovile started touring intensely, and in 2009 released the first full-length, "The Pungency of Carnage" through the label United Guttural Records. A lot of shows followed in the next two years. Due to personal problems, Daniel left the band. Later, Ela decided to leave Necrovile to focus on her family, and the band also split ways with Florin.

The remaining members, Calin and Radu, took the time to write down a new material, and in 2012 the line-up was completed with Kevin Foley from Benighted, Disavowed, Nervecell, Mumakil. Kevin's attitude towards music, combined with his impressive drumming ability took the band to a whole new level.

Between August and November 2012 Necrovile recorded the second full-length, entitled "Engorging the Devourmental Void", a mixture that blends brutality with powerful, memorable riffs, creative drumming, ripping blasts, catchy rhytms and two different strong guttural vocals. The recording of the album was followed by a series of concerts in Europe with the new line-up.

In January 2013, the music video of the title track of the next album was released, giving the fans and media a glimpse of the musical carnage, ready to be unleashed!

Later in 2013, Necrovile signed with LACERATED ENEMY Records, and "Engorging the Devourmental Void" is scheduled to be released on 28/06/2013.