Severed - Biography


In 2004 Severed Crotch was formed in Reykjavík from the ashes of the two death metal bands Lack of Trust and Nocturn. The four members (Gunnar, Kjartan, Þórður and Torfi) started writing material for this new band. In late summer 2004 vocalist Ingólfur joined the band, and Severed Crotch played their first batch of shows, with great response from the local scene. In early 2005 Severed Crotch parted ways with guitarist Torfi, and the band abandoned their brutish old-school Death Metal roots and grew into a far more brutal and technical beast.

While new songs were being written, Ingvar(Momentum) joined on live guitars and the band continued to play several shows in Reykjavík with both local and international acts. Ingvar left in late 2005 and Severed carried on as a 4 piece. Not letting the departure of a guitarist hold them back, Severed kept playing plenty of shows and getting responses as good as ever. During the summer of 2006 the band recorded their debut Ep entitled Soul Cremation which wasn't released until almost a year later. In march 2007 the young guitarist Marvin joined the fold and Severed Crotch was back to a quintet. During the fall of 2007 the band recorded a 3 song Ep for promotional purposes. Early the following year Marvin left the group due to some personal reasons. After that Ingvar reunited with Severed Crotch and they are currently preparing to hit the studio to record their debut album.

Severed Crotch has become quite the popular act in the local metal scene in iceland and are known for their intense live shows and ability to play their music while heavily intoxicated. The band has opened for several bands that have visited Iceland including Amon Amarth, Municipal Waste, Rotting Christ, Finntroll, Mercenary, Contradiction, Burnt by the sun and none other than Cannibal Corpse.

Severed Crotch are now looking to the future with optimism and are aiming to establish themselves outside of Iceland with a new release on it's way and intoxicated by death metal.