Hydria - Biography

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Hydria is an independent/self produced band from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The band is formed by Raquel Schüler (vocalist, songwritter/composer) and Celo Oliveira (guitarist, composer, arranger and producer). With their first album, called "Mirror of Tears" (2008), they were invited to be the opening act for Within Temptation and Tarja Turunen during their Brazilian tours in 2008. The great positive reaction of the crowd made Hydria's name grow within the metal scene in Brazil and it was the main "promotion" they had - the affection and euphoria of the fans.

Hydria was starting to be a respectful band, what made them be the chosen ones to create/record the whole soundtrack and effects for the 1st Sci-Fi Brazilian webseries ever: "2012 Onda Zero" (translation: 2012 - Timewave Zero) [http://www.2012ondazero.com.br/]. News of "2012 Onda Zero" reached national TV, newspaper, and internet media sources including a feature interview on Brazilian MTV. Two of the songs from the show were featured on their second album, "Poison Paradise" (2010).

Released in Japan on April 13rd, 2011 (right after the tragic earthquake and tsunami), "Poison Paradise" made Hydria gain much press in Japan, with features, interviews, and reviews in the main metal related press, including a feature article and interview in Burrn! Magazine.

Hydria was really touched by all the events. That's when the band decided to release "Acústico - The Acoustic Sessions" (2011) digitally on iTunes and Amazon Music. It was an acoustic album with soft rearranged versions of 11 songs from their previous albums, made as a tribute to their fans. The band encouraged their fans to pay for the tracks by making donations to the International Red Cross to help aid the earthquake/tsunami victims. Many fans embraced the cause and all the profits of the album were destined for it.

In 2012, "Finally", a song from the album Poison Paradise reached #1 on Amazon Music Japan in "Hard Rock & Metal" category on April 13th, exactly a year after the album release date in Japan. In May of 2012, "Mirror Of Tears" album reached #1 as well without any promotion.

In December of 2012, Hydria was invited to create the soundtrack for a Brazilian short film called "Percepção além dos sentidos" (translation: "Perception beyond the senses"). Two original songs were written for the movie.

The band also works on a project called "The Versions". It's a compilation of cover songs as a tribute to their favorite bands/artists, available only through youtube. One of the songs has reached a higher number of views: Entangled, by Genesis. This version has brought them the opportunity to work on an official Genesis tribute album, which is going to be released in the end of 2013 through EMG (European Music Group). The album is called "Tales of Another Life".

Hydria is about to release their new studio album, called "Freakshow". It's a heavy and fresh sound, with electronic elements and catchy songs.