Helltrain - Biography



Helltrain was founded in 2002 by Pierre Törnkvist - vocals & bass. The band immediately found recognition for their original sound, mixing their previous experiences in the heavier genres like death-, thrash- & black metal with arrangements and sounds from rock n roll & punk rock music. The unique use of a Hammond organ got people to lend an ear or two.

We could quote Jimmy Pop of the Bloodhound Gang on the sound:

"It's like Misfits, but with an attitude!"

The vocals from front man Pierre would probably scare the shit out of any Misfits fan...

The band recorded three demo songs, "Route 666", "Rot n roll" and "Helltrain". It was only necessary to send it to one record label to get the damn deal done. Nuclear Blast signed the band immediately & Helltrain entered the studio to record the debut album "Route 666".

The demo was later released as "The 666 ep" (limited edition 500 copies) by Swedish underground label Heathendoom Music.

(source: http://www.tartareandesire.com/bands/Helltrain/4262/)