Hanternoz - Biography



From the ashes of some local band, Hyvermor and Haement founded Hanternoz in October 2006. Quickly Metronymus joined in to play the drums. Primitively aimed as a NS-folk metal band, the lyrics were rapidly changed to take some more serious folkloric orientation, mostly aimed on Britanny's lore and history. The destiny of Hanternoz was the same as any local band: rehearse some songs, play some little gigs.

In May 2007 a new turn was taken since Haement left the band, replaced by Whzyorkh two months later. In April 2008 Hanternoz recorded and released a first album called Metal Kozh.

Hanternoz was then put to rest in 2008 - 2009 as Hyvermor went to live in Germany. As he returned to France later on, he automatically reformed the band with Sparda and Darwin and a month later they recorded an EP called Linceuls d'Ecume. Lazareth and Monsieur Michaud came to complete the lineup. Linceuls d'Ecume was released in 2010 on the newly formed label Antiq.