Qutin - Biography




Qutin is an Iranian Progressive Melodic Death Thrash Metal band that is founded by Atila Moezi in the year 2002. The word "Qutin" doesn't mean anything particular.

During the first years after Qutin started its career, the band members were rehearsing very hard and were covering songs from numerous Gods of Metal but the problem was that the band members were changing frequently and Atila was looking for musicians with the same taste of music which would help the band to achieve its goals in their musical career.

Finally, in the year of 2006, Atila Moezi met Parsa Radmanesh in music conservatory. This acquaintance led them to a serious movement for composing and recording a professional album. Having the same taste and feelings in music and their similar styles of playing opened up a new horizon towards them. As Parsa joined the band, the confusion and chaos was ended and anything turned out to be in order.

They would love and try to compose and give out to the music world, songs that are compatible with modern world of music and reach to the level that the metal music is passing through in these times, which instead of having techniques, has the feelings, ideas and roots of Iranian music.

The purpose and aim of this band first of all is to support the Rock and Metal music in Iran, in this manner that with rehearsal and being informed and updated about music, the Iranian musicians can compose and create great music. We believe that the Iranian music, no matter it is written and composed in which genre; it's beautiful and has deep meanings. And as you all may know, the greatest and well known bands in the world are using the scales and feelings of Iranian music.

We're looking for domestic and foreign sponsors (record labels) for distribution of our recorded album and if our music is accepted and welcomed by any of those companies we'd like them to help us performing in concerts and recording the album.