Collapse Under The Empire - Biography

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Chris Burda and Martin Grimm, of Hamburg, are the founders of the instrumental music project Collapse Under The Empire. They both released the first four songs for the EP Paintball in summer 2008. After that they came up with their self-produced albums, Systembreakdown (Feb. 2009) and Find A Place To Be Safe (Jan. 2010). In a short period of time, international magazines such as Q-Magazine, Rocksound, and Clash took notice of the band and proved themselves excited about the cinematic sound of their first two albums.

At the beginning of the year they were represented on the legendary Emo Diaries compilation by the US label Deep Elm, among other things. They also composed the soundtrack for the short film "Sharks Don't Cry" for the Sharkproject, an organization which fights at the front against the eradication of sharks.

After their psychedelic mini album The Sirens Sound, which appeared last year, and the split EP Black Moon Empire, released with the Russian band Mooncake, Collapse Under The Empire release the first part of the double album Shoulders & Giants on October 21st 2011, which in Europe will appear under the label Sister Jack/ Cargo Records. The second part, Sacrifice & Isolation, will appear one year later.