Armagedda - Biography


Used on Only True Believers and beyond

Logo made by Conny Holm in 2000.

Logo used before the namechange to Armagedda.


Armagedda was created in the mind of A in early 2000, but then went by the name Volkermord. Their idea was to create some spiritual disease through music that would infect and destroy human minds. Soon (couple of months later) A spoke with Graav and Phycon about this idea and all were in agreement... A rehearsal tape was recorded, but remained unreleased until 2008. The band entered the studio in mid-2000 for the recording of the Volkermord demo which enjoyed a grim and raw production; released in October, limited to only 30 copies. This demo was to be released on MCD format, but postponed indefinitely. In the very beginning of the year 2001 they entered the studio once again for the recording of the full-length debut-album The Final War Approaching.

At this time the band changed their name to Armagedda (translates to 'Jehova's Hell'), and soon recorded some rehearsal tracks which were ended up on a split with suicidal Swedish act Svarthymn called In Blackest Ruin and released through the Swedish underground label Deathcult Productions. Armagedda was originally signed to Akhenaten's label Breath of Night Records for CD release in 2002, with a vinyl LP version licensed to Sombre Records Germany. A new member, Mord, joined the Armagedda horde during early Summer of 2001 to complete the Swedish line-up. This all lasted until 2004, when Graav and A decided to disband and start something new, thus creating Lönndom. The band issued a final statement:

"As you all may know, Armagedda will not bring you any future experiences. We decided after the release of Ond Spiritism that it was for the best to put this phenomenon of ours to the past, we felt that we had achieved everything we needed and seen in our dreams. To continue would have been a move in the wrong direction. Graav has chosen another path in life and is forever gone. But as certain as the end came hand in hand with Ond Spiritism a birth and beginning of something else grew in shape. However, that's another story and it will speak for itself somewhere else...."