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Non Opus Dei - Biography


1997 was the year when the being known as Non Opus Dei came into existence. As you can see, it resulted in many years of search. Search connected with both sound and ideas. The album that will be published by Witching Hour is some kind of a summary of the way we have been following all these years. So many years of working together -

Klimorh (guitar, vocals, lyrics) - the founder of the band, Gonzo (drums) - the first album with him was "The Quintessence"Budda (guitar), and Rochu (bass) - both of them joined the band soon after the recording session of "The Quintessence".

After these years of working together, we knew exactly what we wanted to achieve while we were creating such extremity as "Eternal Circle". Once we started composing the new songs, there was no place for any random action. The Eternal Circle of our drummer was set in motion and it did not stop, providing us with extremely fast and massed variety of blasts. Anyway, it is not possible to describe the extremity of this album, you just have to listen to it.