In Tha Umbra - Biography

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The Death Metal band In Tha Umbra was formed in the beginning of the year 1996 in Algarve, Portugal. Consisting of BKD.(guitar and vocals), Bruno Miguel Bernardo(guitar and vocals), João Marques(drums) and Ruben Sardinha(bass), In Tha Umbra has four full length albums; "Descend Supreme Sunset" [ 1998 Art Music ], "Midnight In The Garden Of Hell" [ 2000 Hibernia ] and "Nigrium Nigrius Nigro" [ 2005 Agonia ] and "Thus Open Thine Eerie Wings Like An Eagle And Soar The Winds Of Chaos" [ 2008 Agonia ].

The sound of In Tha Umbra is an obscure Death Metal that sometimes reaches the borders of Black Metal, although limitations get flaw, as In Tha Umbra also has in it's sound references to 70's progressive rock, traditional Heavy Metal or Thrash Metal. In a sense of equilibrium, In Tha Umbra manages to create a sound of it's own that gets to be both aggressive and calm, technical and simple, sophisticated and raw - 666% Death Metal!!!

Here in this "myspace" page you can listen to a short preview of the songs recorded for the 15th anniversary celebration of In Tha Umbra, songs from the latest album "Thus Open Thine Eerie Wings Like An Eagle And Soar The Winds Of Chaos" from 2008, "The Horrent Damaskt" from 2005 album "Nigrium Nigrius Nigro", "Crescent" from 2000 album "Midnight In The Garden Of Hell" and "Like Ravens 'neath Nightskies" from 1998's album "Descend Supreme Sunset"!!!