Hell Within - Biography




Combining the best elements of European death metal, American hardcore, and old school thrash, hailing from Massachusetts, Hell Within are one of the few bands to successfully blend this lethal mix. Add in one of the most versatile vocalists in metal, some of the most intense instrumentalists, and you have yourself one state of the art metal band. Hailed by Metal Hammer magazine and countless e-zines such as The PRP.com, Blabbermouth.net, Hit the Pit.com as the future of thrash metal, Hell Within's time has arrived.

Their debut album "Asylum of the Human Predator," which was released in April of 2005, was received with masses of critical and fan acclaim. A brutal assault on the senses, Asylum is an unrelenting album of furious aggression. Hell Within enlisted Zeuss (Shadow's Fall, Hatebreed, 100 Demons) to mix the affair, making the album twice as deadly. Recorded with longtime producer John Ellis, "Asylum of the Human Predator" is as complete a debut album as one can find. Machine gun intense drums, twin shredding/melodic guitars and vocals that go from blood curdling screams to intricate, lush harmonies complete this recording.

The band filmed a video for "Bleeding Me Black" with directors Ian McFarland and Anthony Moreschi of Killswitch Productions (Since The Flood, Agnostic Front, The Unseen, Cannae, All That Remains), which they released in the fall of 2005.

In support their freshman album "Asylum Of The Human Predator", Hell Within embarked on numerous tours to spread the word. The band toured with such acts as God Dethroned, Nightrange, Manntis, Byzantine and The Autumn Offering.

The band released their second album on May 15th 07 "Shadows Of Vanity" through Lifeforce records. This time around Hell Within tracked yet again with producer John Ellis at Prism Sound Studio Acton, Ma. After searching for the right sound for this album Hell Within recruited Mark Lewis (Devil Driver, Trivium, God Forbid) of Audio Hammer Studios to mix the new album. Then to wrap up the album mastering engineer Tom Morris added the final touches to "Shadows Of Vanity". This team of engineers brought "Shadows of Vanity' to the highest level sonically and helped the band achieve their vision for this album. The album "Shadows of Vanity" takes this bands musicianship and song writing to the next level. Between the highly technical musical structures to song writing that anyone can grab on to. "Shadows Of Vanity" will surely stand apart from the mass of similar albums being released and then break through the current trends.