Klabautamann - Biography




Klabautamann is a German black metal band, with folk and progressive influences. The band themselves have claimed that they will not limit themselves to a certain style of music, but it will always be nature-related in some way.

Klabautamann is a medium for the musical expression of Tim Steffens and Florian Toyka, who formed the band in 1998.

After two demo-recordings the band finished their debut album, Our Journey through the Woods, in summer 2003. This was in collaboration with Marlon Drescher (session drums) and Armin Rave (mix and mastering). In February 2005 the second album, Der Ort, was released on Heavy Horses Records. This time the CD was completely produced by the band. There were again some other people involved: Patrick Schröder (session drums), Isabel Jasse + Stefan Horn (guest vocals), Julia Tomaschitz + Christian Kolf (some lyrics). In June 2009 their third album, Merkur, was released in CD format by the band's own label, Zeitgeister Music. Heavy Horses Records released a vinyl version of 500 units.

The band is currently working on their fourth and upcoming album, Old Chamber. The band stated that the new album might see a release in Autumn/summer 2011, perhaps even sooner. It will be a departure from their progressive/black metal album with jazz/lounge influences, Merkur. The sound has been described as "more back to the roots" and will not feature any progressive elements, though it will be "100% Klabautamann".