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Wraith Of The Ropes - Biography


Wraith of the Ropes play Horror Metal exclusively! Our "Horror Metal" contains elements of Doom Metal, Black Metal and 70's & 80's Horror Film scores/soundtracks. Our first album "Ada" is heavily depressive and could be considered "Doom Metal" by some, though we are not a Doom Metal band. It is a concept album about shattered dreams, ruined lives, depression, death and suicide.

Our second album, "Demonic Influence", is now being worked on and will be much more in the realms of Black Metal though the Horror Film Music inspiration will still be just as strong. The lethargic, depressive, suicidal Horror of 'Ada' will be replaced with the hateful, demonic, blastbeat-laden Horror on 'Demonic Influence'. We will still consider our music "Horror Metal" and nothing else. Our allegiance is to HORROR more than any particular Metal sub-genre and we plan to dramatically overhaul and experiment with our sound on every album.

Wraith of the Ropes signed to the Israeli Doom Metal label Totalrust Music in the summer of 2005. They released our first album, 'Ada', on Halloween... October 31st, 2005