NunFuckRitual - Biography




Teloch (Nidingr, Mayhem) composes some riffs, which he shares with long-time friend Espen T. Hangård (Killl, Noplacetohide) The pact is sealed. NunFuckRitual is summoned.

Three years later, famous bass player Dan Lilker (Nuclear Assault, S.O.D., Anthrax) joins the sect, followed shortly by Andreas Jonsson (Tyrant, The Black) on drums.

In 2009, the nun fuckers start recording their first offering. Recording sessions take place in Norway and the United States of America.

In March 2011 the band - while working on the finer details of the album - joins French label Debemur Morti Productions while famous artist Christian Sloan Hall accepts to draw the front cover. During the summer, the album is mixed and mastered by Tom Kvålsvoll (Dødheimsgard) at Strype Audio studio.