Draugr - Biography




Draugr is a project born in the cold winter night of Anno Bastardi 2002, when the ashes of some black metal bands returned back to life to celebrate the Pagan spirit that characterizes our lives and our homeland.

The first formation was oriented to an old-style black metal inspired by Darkthrone, Immortal, and Marduk, and as the name of the band says there was a lot of inspiration from Nordic culture that gave birth to the band's genre. At that time Draugr had no name: it was composed by Svafnir, Stolas, Jonny and Tenebrion, who left the band as a result of personal differences. Thus followed a crisis period where all potential new musicians weren't motivated enough to join the band. Nevertheless, the band continued on with their final configuration: Svafnir (vocals), Triumphator (guitars), Stolas (bass), Jonny (drums), and little by little the band rebuilt their style.

As the wolf characterizes the horde region, Draugr's music is inspired by the Pagan force and wilderness of nature, the remembrance of archaic traditions, old local legends and barbarism, united with a proud satisfaction to be descendants of ancient Italic warriors such as Samnites, Marsii, Vestinii and Marrucinii.

In 2005 Draugr formed - with other bands - the Vrasthema circle to honor the music from Abruzzo (a region in the center of Italy) to show the world the beauty of this Pagan land.

During the recordings of the band's first demos, Draugr began performing live with underground Italian black metal bands, followed by the recording of a promo and finally, in 2006, the full-length CD, Nocturnal Pagan Supremacy.

In 2007 Helsior joined the horde, at the same time, between 2007-2009, the band composed the material for the second full length cd "De ferro italico", scheduled for 2011.

Year by year, the importance of live performances grew, with the band headlining gigs and performing with several foreign bands.

The band disbanded in 2013.