Ilium - Biography




Ilium started in 1998 when former Oracle members Jason Hodges (guitar) and Mark Snedden (vocals) decided to form a new band. Other former Oracle members Kris Arendse (guitar) and Michael Noonan (bass) came into the fold and the group soon became known as Iliad. With the inclusion of third guitarist Adam Smith (also formerly of Oracle) the band renamed themselves Ilium and shortly afterwards Kris left.

The band recorded their debut EP in 2002 with Dungeon vocalist Lord Tim producing. The success of the EP led to a deal in Europe with Steelheart records and with Steve Moore of Dungeon providing drums, the acclaimed debut "Sirens Of The Styx" was released in 2003. Shortly before the release Peter Gilchrist (bass) and David Walmsley (drums) joined the group.

The band were due to go into the studio to record when Mark Snedden left and was immediately replaced by the band's producer Lord Tim. With both Peter and David leaving before the release of the group's second album "Permian Dusk", the bass parts were again completed by Adam. They both returned briefly before the release of the album in 2005, with the inclusion of Peter's son Corey on keyboards, but David again left shortly afterwards and a tragic accident (Corey was hit by a train, losing his foot) forced the withdrawal of Peter and Corey. "Permian Dusk" received rave reviews, including a 9.5/10 from Europe's biggest metal magazine Rock Hard!, Wolfram Kueper proclaiming it the best album of 2005.

The band released 'Vespertilion' in 2007 before recruiting former Riot and Masterplan vocalist Mike DiMeo for their 4th (Ageless Decay - 2009) and 5th (Genetic Memory - 2011) album, For the bands 6th album (My Misanthropia) they recruited Lance King (Balance of Power, Avian). An EP (Wendigo) was also released with the CD version. In 2017 the band re-wrote and re-recorded their debut album for a 2cd package called 'Sirens Of The Styx: Re-Styxed' which saw a return of former vocalist Lord Tim.