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Parricide - Biography




Straight from the pits of the underground comes one of the hardest working band ever existed on death metal scene. Having their fate sealed to audible terrorism and against popping up trends of all kind, Parricide continues their march onto the top of death metal pantheon. Not solely that perseverance pays off, but mostly due to their unquestionable talent and skills developed throughout all the years, Parricide gained a reputation of a band that never rest on laurels. Their music have always been well-cut, guts-kicking and over the top proficient. In the issue nothing has changed and never will.

The Poles started walking around the idea of founding a band in the beginning of 1990, in the times when the greatest American and European death metal groups were taking their shapes into present-day monoliths. Armed to the teeth with instruments of torture supporting their viewpoint on how it all ought to sound like, bassist and vocalist Mariusz Staniuk along with guitar-duo Piotr Sabarański/Albert Kraczkowski and drummer Artur Raszka, rallied round to create their own high-speed and brutally stunning piece of death metal fine art of work.

Having their hearts and souls to working on their music, never pretending the big guns, Parricide went through the usual ups and downs. Waiting, on the off-chance for something to happen, in 1999 (after releasing one demo and already holding three materials on MC formats under the belt) Parricide put on tracks their first CD, entitled Crude, which was soon after given to the eager fans via Samurais of Jackhammer Music. At the crack of the new millennium, the never-give-up quartet recorded and released the already milestone of Polish death/grind album Ill-Treat (through a tiny independent label: Surgical Diathesis). Once again the record was critically-acclaimed and broadened their dynamically increasing fan base. Ill-Treat was then remastered, re-packaged, and eventually re-released worldwide by Empire Records/PHD/Crash Music.

The onslaught on senses kept going. Clutching their knife-keen guitars, Parricide prepared another CD, The Kingdom of Downfall, which brought out all that you always craved for as far as both intelligent and uncompromising death metal is concerned. Multi-paced, brutal to the core with a more appointed grind approach, and most importantly, absolutely attention-grabbing. With that one Parricide wrote a new chapter of extreme music history. Parricide proved to be dead-set on jackpot in the lottery of their lives! A perfect sonic picture of world collapse for the generation armageddon! Shows, tours and important European festival appearances followed.

Their next full-length album, entitled Patogen, was by all means the most challenging record for a band trying to achieve the ultimate aural insanity. The yet-to-be-called a classic record has already been propelled by a Polish tour and the one-of-a-kind Patogen Festival, both definitely successful. A great album along with stunning live performances and natural energy one more time appeared to be a recipe for respect and success in the realms of the underground scene.

In 2008 the unstoppable underground force prepared even more new material for a 3-way split CD, The 3 Ways Of A Brutality, with their kindred spirits of Incarnated and Reexamine. Parricide's part was comprised of 12 songs that showcased their creative capability still on the rise, confirming the band's strong position as a death/grind force to be reckoned with.

Worth mentioning is also that the new apex of musical ruthlessness is brought to you by indie label Mad Lion Records (in areas of Japan and USA the split CD is produced and distributed exclusively by Japanese label Obliteration Records), which not for the first time revealed its notorious taste for sonic crime.