Svarrogh - Biography

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Svarrogh was created in 2001 as a raw pagan black metal project of Dimo Dimov, dealing with Slavic heathendom, Bulgarian pagan traditions, ancient Bulgarian cult of Tangra as well as post-modern folklore symbolism and aesthetic transcendence. Svaróg is an ancient Slavic deity of the cosmic and earthen fire and the godfather of the Slavic pantheon. It is a symbol of the eternal harmony in nature. During the time Svarrogh developed more and more itself into the wide field of Bulgarian folklore music.

The 4th album "Balkan Renaissance" in 2007 marked a radical change from harsh folk black metal into a neofolk/folk ambient oriented musical concept. The aspect of avant-garde music, as well as atmospheric and spiritual elements became the most important part of the compositions.

Dimo Dimov is also founder of the pan-European pagan magazine Svarga.