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The band was created on the 3rd of July in 2005. The style can be identified as folk-metal. At the very beginning the name of the band was changed several times. It was Raven Blood, then Vorog, and in February of 2007 it finally got it's name - Grai. Gradually the material for the new album has been composing and there were given a few concerts. One of the first band's appearances took place on the 6th of May in 2006 together with such folk-metal bands as Alkonost and Svarga.

On the 2nd of December in 2006 the band participated in folk/brutal metal fest jointly with Rossomahaar and Alkonost. From February to August of 2007 there had been recording an demo entitled Ot Istoka, which included 4 compositions. The recording was proceeding at the studio of Sergey Kamyshansky in Naberezhnye Chelny, RF.

On the 1st of November in 2007 there was held a performance at the presentation of the new album by Arkona from Moscow Ot Serdza K Nebu within the framework of their tour of 2007. At that very concert Grai presented their EP Ot Istoka.

During the period from February till June of 2008 at the studio of Sergey Kamyshansky in Naberezhnye Chelny had been recording the band's first LP - Polyn' - Trava. The album consisted of 9 compositions. It's no mere chance that the album has such a name - it's symbolical and reveals the concept of creative work and the world - outlook of the band musicians. The sagebrush is a symbol of grief and sorrow for the times which had passed - the times of Slavic pride, valour, courage and honour. The album is just permeated with the spirit of those ancient times, each song's reflected in a striking image. And there's more in this than meets the eye. Folk tunes, excellent wind-instruments parts coupled with guitars and splendid female voices of the band vocalists produce their own certain effect. The album is released by the Moscow label Volh Records. During the period of the album presentation there had been given a set of concerts joined with many groups including Alkonost, Svarga, Arkona and Rossomahaar.

After the edition of the album two members left the band - Darya "Rodonitsa" and Andrey "Char". Meanwhile a new bass player - Yury Bedusenko - appeared in the group. Since that time the role of the second vocalist had been performed by Alija Latypova - the flutist.
On the 10th of September in 2009 the album Polyn' - Trava was represented in a Moscow club "Relax".

On the 25th of of 2010 at the studio of Sergey Kamyshansky the band began recording the second LP consisting of 10 tracks. As the members of the group see it the album would be stirring and cheerful. On the 27th November in 2010 in Nizhniy Novgorod was held a concert together with Arkona. Continuing working at the studio the band didn't stop giving concerts. At this very period the group hired Irina Zybina as the third vocalist who participated in recording one of the Alkonost's albums as folk - vocalist. Irina's beautiful powerful voice blended with the band repertoire perfectly.

Now work in the studio is finished and the group continues to do concerts in various cities throughout Russia. The group's going to release the album and to make it's super-presentation.

On the 27 of September the label Sound Age Prod released a new album of Grai-band entitled O Zemle Rodnoi. Having released it's first CD Polyn' - Trava in 2009 the band Grai is now presenting a new album entitled O Zemle Rodnoi. The album to come is going to include 10 conceptual tracks, which create remarkably profound images forming the musical unity in the familiar band's style. The new album by Grai is a distinctive synthesis of traditional pagan metal elements based on the rhythms and the atmosphere of traditional Russian folk-rock. In this synthesis the flute-sounds are interwoven with solo-guitar play against the dynamic rhythm-section. Hard imposing fragments being intensified by the bagpipes sounds are enriched by appeasing keyboard passages. But the main piquancy of new songs is lace-like well-balanced vocal trio of the band-singers. With their voices they plunge a listener into the world of our forefathers and ancestors and make us fly by the fields, meadows and forests with fresh wind. And they open to our eyes and hearts the hidden beauty of native land.

During 2012-2103 the band participated in many concerts and festivals. Such fests as Bylinnyj Bereg, Zov Parmy, Folk Summer Fest, Slava Vesne, Peredvizhenyje, Uletaj are among them.

In September 2012 the band signed a contract with the Dutch label Vic Records, which re-released the band's album O Zemle Rodnoi including bonus-track "V Objatyach Mary".

In March 2013 the recording of the 3rd LP album is began.

From the 4th to 13th of October 2013 the band went to the tour abroad. 10 concerts were held in Poland jointly with such bands as Dalriada, Alestorm, Radogost, Percival Schuttenbach and Cruadalach.

On the 26th of October the Dutch label Vic Records re-released the first album Polyn' - Trava.

In 2013 there was shot the first official video for the song "V Obyatyjach Mary". Presentation clip was held in October 2013.

At this very moment the 3rd album is recorded and in the process of mixing at the Drygva Studio by Alexey Stezyk (Drygva band). The new album is going to be released soon and is waiting for it's listener.

In September 2014 it is planned to tour Europe.

(Source: Facebook, 9.11.2015)