Karnak Seti - Biography

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Emerging from the exotic Madeira Island in Portugal, Karnak Seti present themselves as a solid, modern and persevering metal act. With 10 years existence several works edited, including the thriving full length Scars of Your Decay of 2009 distributed worldwide by the British Casket Music, they are currently preparing to launch the successor, In Harmonic Entropy.

For the new album the band worked with renowned producer Daniel Cardoso at the UltrasoundStudios in Braga. The process of composition for In Harmonic Entropy started in mid-2010, the band splitting time with the promotion of the album Scars of Your Decay. The album features 9 tracks, two of them are re-recordings of previous demos. The recordings took place during two weeks in April 2011, in UltrasoundStudios in Braga. The artwork of this new work is back in the unique vision and creativity of Ana Gomes.

The band sees this new record, as a natural evolution of their sound.

Source: ReverbNation