Engraved Disillusion - Biography




"Formed in Taunton, Somerset in early 2008, Engraved Disillusion came together from the ashes of previous musical aspirations from founding member's Marc Matthews, Toby Stewart and Chris Pugsley, guitars and vocals respectively. Coming together with a mutual love and understanding of the cornerstones of extreme metal from the likes of At The Gates, Black Sabbath, The Black Dahlia Murder, Carcass, Dissection, Unearth, Dream Theatre, Insomnium, Candlemass, In Flames and Dark Tranquillity, they filtered their passion into a dynamic and powerful juggernaut. To fill the ranks, they sought the talent of Chris Threlfall on drums and eventually Matt Thomas on bass guitar. Ultimately, they set about to cement themselves in their local scene, nevertheless with targets set on bigger game.

Since the release of their debut EP Desolate in late 2009, Engraved Disillusion has acquired a respectable fan base proving their live skills, providing an uncompromising, enthralling and commanding live set. Playing all over the UK with bands such as; Sylosis, Anterior, The eyes of A Traitor, Tessaract, Cinders Fall, Enemy Reign, the Rotted and narrowly missing out on the chance to support Dark Tranquility on their 2010 European tour . Their fast progression has done nothing but to savour their palette for further achievement. Having self released the EP with the ability for free downloads; Desolate has spread far and wide with excellent feedback from fans and critics alike.

After a slight line-up alteration, with bassist Luke Douglas leaving the fold to be replace by Matt Thomas. Engraved Disillusion are ready to present their most powerful, intense, ambitious and dynamic material to date. "Embers of Existence" is brimming with spine-tingling melodies, devastating riffs, poignant solos, powerful vocals and structural twists that leave the listener wanting more. The album shows a band of growing maturity, not only in the quintet's song writing ability but also its perception of vocal structure and lyrical content. The recording, production and mixing of the 10 track album was undertaken by Stu Mckay (Eternal Lord, BMTH, Ingested, AOA) at Studio 6 Swindon who aimed for a more organic feel when compared to the EP. The mastering was then performed by Tim Turan (Opeth, Motorhead, Emperor) at Turan Studios Oxford. The album artwork has been provided by the imagination and brilliance of Colin Marks (Sylosis, Scar Symmetry, Aborted).

With the Embers of Existence, Engraved Disillusion has set out to showcase their passion for one of the most intense, honest and purest forms of music and to capture the hearts and minds of metal fans worldwide."

Source: http://www.engravedband.co.uk/Bio.htm