Tort - Biography




Tort was formed in Barcelona (Catalonia) in 2009 when Ivan Roman on Bass (The Eyes, Warchetype, Cuzo) & Sergio Sancho on lead guitar (Camposanto, Taunus, Cuerno, Lords Of Bukkake) were bored of playing slow & "sad doom metal" and decided to create a new metal band to play faster.

After setting the name of the band, other members like Pep Caravante on drums (Taunus, Camposanto, Warchetype, Cuzo) & vocalist David Bruguera (Warchetype) have joined. Tort had some line-up changes during the first few months of their existence; Ivan Roman left and was replaced by Laurent Py from France and same goes for the drummer Pep Caravante who decided to focus on the other bands he's playing with (like Warchetype & Cuzo) and left the drums mission to Michel (La Matanza, Morbid Flesh, Diseased, Castro, Cuerno). If that wasn't enough, the band also lost their singer, but found Javi Guerrero (Dead Bones). This man fitted perfectly and completed Tort s line up.

After two years of lethargic and narcotic metal jams, the band entered Moontower Studios to record their first album (recorded mixed and mastered by Javi Felez's). The result nailed four tracks that are based on hypnotic thrash metal riffs filed with feedbacks and distortions. This 40 minutes piece brings unique mix of old school Doom, Sludge and Thrash that is varied and refreshing. Creating a primitive atmospheric trance. Many influences are here to be found (such as Hellhammer, Electric Wizard, Sleep, Yob, Black Sabbath, Voivod, Saint Vitus, Acid Mothers Temple, Bongzilla, Godflesh, Bolt Thrower, High On Fire, Weedeater, Sourvein, Eyehategod, Zeni Geva, etc) Yet, Tort really managed to produce their own thing.